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I work from Ladbroke Grove, West London.

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My name is Astrid spoon and I am a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, specializing in Myofascial Release (MFR) and Postural Alignment.

I have treated clients with acute and chronic pain problems for many years now and seen excellent results in restoring balance, fluidity, and healthy function of the body so that clients can enjoy an active and pain-free life.


Some years ago I came across a method of postural alignment exercises called the Egoscue method and found the perfect active addition to my existing treatments. 


The combination of the client regularly performing bespoke exercises and receiving Myofascial Release and/or Remedial massage has proven very effective in achieving lasting positive results.


I am passionate about the self healing capacity of the body given the right conditions. Postural Alignment exercises coax the body effectively back to its original blue print while the Body Treatments help with releasing tension and allowing you to have a better quality of exercise performance and quicker good results.

Myofascial Release

With this approach, a gentle and sustained pressure is applied to the restricted tissue, skin on skin. This will take the pressure of pain sensitive structures such as nerves and blood vessels, helps to rehydrate the tissue and allows for better alignment and mobility of the joints.

Postural Alignment

A personal assessment to identify how your body may be compensating or having dysfunction due to misallignment. After a thorough analysis, I design a bespoke set of exercises and stretches to restore alignment and balance.

Remedial Massage

An individually tailored form of soft tissue massage to treat stress, tension and fatigue that occurs through occupational, recreational or sporting activities.It is effective and very safe, and can help to ease pain, release tension, inducing relaxation and promoting a feeling of well being.



"Postural alignment therapy completely helped shift my body posture as well as my belief that I could improve my physical health. If you think you've tried it all but are still having problems, try Egoscue.I did, and I'm still amazed with the results.I know it can help you achieve the same."

- Ryan, Dancer

"Astrid saved me from the worry of waiting two and a half months for a hospital appointment, and the heartache of being told post MRI results by two GPs that I'd have to live with pain or have an operation and either way give up my hobby dancing.  By the time I got to see the consultant at the hospital I was not only walking without pain in my knees and back, I was back to dancing, and even my bunions were no longer painful.


Rather than constant pain, what I experience sometimes is more like sensitivity. Egoscue has given me a way to look after myself.  


Astrid is one of the most empathetic body practitioners I've met, and as a journalist writing about health for much of my career this is really saying something."

- Lorna V, Journalist

“Astrid's massages are the kind of massage you long for, but never seem to find. She takes the time to find out where you are physically and considers the best way to deal with the problems whether it be in one session or on going sessions. In one session it's the perfect massage. In ongoing sessions, Astrid works with a combination of massage, trager and myofascial release. It's the first time I've understood why you keep going back to the same person. I have been seeing Astrid for almost 3 years and if I could see her every day I would.”


-Fiona Seres, Scriptwriter

“Astrid works with the body and the mind. She is fantastic at listening to what is wrong and working out what therapy suits me best. My massage varies from week to week, as I gradually get stronger. She has greatly improved the movement in my arm and shoulder after all the lymph nodes were removed and worked on a vein that collapsed after chemotherapy until it has virtually disappeared. I feel that together we are beating breast cancer.”

- Juliet Bremner, ITV news

"Was the back injury I suffered a few months ago really a piece of luck? Perhaps.  It led me, under Astrid's capable supervision, to discover Egoscue.  This regime cleverly uses simple digital technology (camera, software grid) to establish a benchmark for measuring progress, as well as a database of routines from which to build a suitable program.   Injury or no, it was clear that years of poor postural habits had me looking more and more like one of Uri Geller's bent spoons. Time to go straight.  Astrid provides the coaching skills to breathe life into the formulae: a wide knowledge of body mechanics, a repertoire of close observation,  patience, good-humoured chiding, enthusiasm, and encouragement.   It's working and I have pictures to prove it!"

- Bob Gates, Editor