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What is Postural Alignment Therapy?

Over the years I have come to realize that although I was good at releasing the soft tissue in the bodies of my clients, the symptoms (pain) would come back after a while, as they were created by general lifestyle factors in the first place.


I myself have struggled with pain from a knee injury which was ultimately the result of a chronic body imbalances. For over a year post injury I did not find the recovery I had hoped for using several modalities. Finally in December 2014 I discovered the Egoscue method of Postural Alignment and started to make progress. Now 1 ½ years later my knee, which was bone on bone, has space back in the joint and allows me to do all the activities I like!


I believe that many people, if they had the opportunity, would love to feel empowered and possess the knowledge that allows them to help themselves when when they suffer with aches and pains. Even though I definitely think that body treatments are also important, they don’t make a person stronger. When the body is better aligned the pains will diminish or disappear and it can work better.


The Postural Alignment exercises of the Egoscue method are a great tool for your self care. 


I am also inspired by Esther Gokhale and Katie Bowman who have done amazing and ground breaking research into posture. Please look them up! (links page) The former researched and now teaches the movement patterns of societies where there are very little back problems and the latter studies the bio mechanics and problems of our sedentary western high tech life style and the effectiveness of recommended exercises.

 For self care of the connective tissue I recommend the MELT method by Sue Hitzmann  which needs a special soft foam roller and balls.

By doing postural alignment exercises

  • Your posture will improve

  • You will be pain free

  • You will have less wear and tear on the body

  • Your improved your sports performance



How does it work?

The first appointment will be the longest.

You will have you photos taken: front, back and both sides (Please wear tight fitting, preferably lightcolored clothing or shorts and top, a bikini or underwear). Your picture will be uploaded into the software, plumb lines will be super imposed on your photo and reveal where you are aligned and where you are not.


There is a life style intake form to fill out and your health history will be taken.


Functional tests will be done to identify possible compensation and dysfunction.


An analysis will be made comparing the conditions presented with the misalignments of your body.


I then will design a personal menu of exercises and stretches, and the effect on your body will be observed. 


After the appointment you will be emailed your personal exercise menu which you will do daily until you come back for an upgrade.

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