Here are some videos I recommend watching to find out more about Postural Alignment and Myofascial Release. 

Pain Free: How to End Lower Back Pain

Fix Neck and Back Pain

Dr. Mercola Interview Esther Gokhale

Find Your Primal Posture

Tour of Katy's Furniture Free House

Dr. Mercola and Katy Bowman

Pete Egoscue's Exercises to Become Pain Free

Pete Egosue - Importance of Breathing

Improve Posture Through Foot Exercise & Alignment

Negative Health Effects from Sitting

What is Egoscue?

Releive Sinus Pressure with Simple Stretches

3 Exercises to Help with Knee Pain

Egoscue - Downward Dog

Tony Robbins introduces Egoscue - Exercises for low back pain

Egoscue exercises for headache pain relief

Strength Building Challenge with Jumping Squats and Donkey Kicks

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release Part 1

Myofascial Release Part 2

Myofascial Release - John Barnes 1-

Strolling under the Skin