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Therapist's Story

Like many people involved in body work, my career started with personal injury and my recovery was greatly aided by receiving good bodywork and doing remedial exercises.


I graduated from the London School of Sports massage in 2005 and have continued my education ever since. That same year I became a “No Hands Practitioner” followed by a Myofascial Release technique course in 2006.


In 2007 I came across the Trager approach, a very gentle body/mind treatment that uses subtle stretching and rocking to make the body feel safe so it can let go of tension and relax. I reached practitioner level in 2010.


In the mean time I met Ruth Duncan and MFR UK at the CAM Expo in 2008. I had heard about their different approach to firm Myofascial Release/ Rolfing and was keen to learn more. I completed my first course in 2008 and liked it so much that I took most courses available in the UK and have travelled three times to the USA for further study.


The MFR UK style is strongly influenced by the work of John F. Barnes, an internationally leading authority on Myofascial Release. However, there are many other approaches incorporated as well.


To me this Integrated Myofascial Release is very effective and I continue to go to seminars and receive treatments myself.

In October 2013, I re-injured a 20 year old injury of my right knee and could not resign myself to the idea that it was the end of my active life. After a long search and many short term solutions, some with side effects, I was told to look up the name Egoscue by an American colleague, Noah Karrash in Dec 2014 and I started to practice the exercises at home. I still had an arthroscopy in February 2015 and was informed that the cartilage in my knee was worn away and the next step would be a knee replacement,


 Even though I was disappointed with this news, I continued doing the Egoscue exercises. To me it made sense to treat the whole body’s misalignments and compensations and not exclusively focus on the damaged part.

 I have continued ever since and encouraged by my Egoscue therapist, Ameet Bhakta, I completed the Egoscue practitioner training to become a PAS (Postural Alignment Specialist) certified by Egoscue University and qualified in October 2015. For the Postural Alignment exercises to be effective one needs to be disciplined and do them every day. My reward is that I can do my hobbies such as dancing, walking (also in the mountains) and cycling. After a check up in June 2016, I saw on my X ray that there is space again in the knee joint and the Orthopedic surgeon said surprised that the knee is fine and can last for the rest of my life!!


Both Myofascial Release and Postural Alignment Therapy are very effective methods for the person who wants to take responsibility for her or his own health.

Combining the personal exercise menu on a daily basis with body treatments is a great recipe for active and pain free living.











My daughter Hannah has a wonderful tutoring agency focusing on the fun of learning and helping students understand how their minds work. I've added the link below if it may be something that interests you.

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